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Quality Entertainment
Party Packages

With Action Disc Jockeys, here's what it means.....

   First that you and your guests will have fun, a lot of fun.

   Our entertainers are PROFESSIONAL in every respect:  In the way they dress.  The way they handle themselves.  The way they interact with your guests.

   Your entertainment will be PROBLEM-FREE.  We show up early and play the full amount of time agreed upon.  We coordinate with your banquet facility or party planner to make every last detail perfect, so you can relax and just plain enjoy yourself.

   Equipment alone doesn't make your event a success. But our PREMIER SOUND SYSTEMS provide our entertainers, with the power to play your favorite music with crystal clarity at any volume level, without distortion.  You'll marvel at its quality!

   Dance floors get a major work out at our affairs because we know how to get your guests excited and involved in the fun.  We also perform exciting music in a relaxed atmosphere for listening and dining pleasure.  You know what you want!  We provide it!

Call today for available dates!  We'll be there for you with BIG fun and great entertainment!

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